Fun Ways to Exercise Your Cat

All cats need their exercise to stay healthy and fit, but the same old stuff can get boring after a while. Try something new and exciting with your cat—here, a Folsom veterinarian offers some suggestions for spicing up feline playtime.


Think dogs are the only ones who can go on walks? Think again! Many cat owners successfully walk their pet. You’ll need a cat-specific harness and leash; pick these items up at pet supply shops or retail stores. Never try to use a regular dog collar and leash, because these aren’t designed for a cat’s anatomy and could actually cause physical harm.

Ask your vet for more advice on getting your cat started with outdoor walks.

Play Date

Two friendly cats can get together for a fun playdate, romping around together for hours and getting good exercise in the process. Do you have a friend or relative who owns a cat? Try asking them if they have time for a meet-up. Remember to make sure each cat has trimmed claws and is up-to-date on all required vaccinations.

Jungle Gym

You’ve probably seen cat jungle gym structures in retail outlets and pet stores. They’re usually several platforms high, and many come with built-in scratching posts and toys. Since cats like getting up high to survey their territory, these structures are quite popular amongst cats and their owners. If your cat doesn’t have one, consider purchasing one to make your cat’s exercise time a little more fun.

Laser Toys

Laser light toys shine a dot of red light wherever you point the device, and almost all cats will go wild trying to track down the pesky laser. They’ll run around like mad trying to stop it, working up quite a sweat while doing so! Be sure not to point the laser directly in your cat’s eyes, though, as prolonged exposure could lead to retinal damage.

Want more suggestions on fun exercise methods for cats? Give your Folsom veterinarian a call today.

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