Aspirin Poisoning in Cats and Dogs

There’s a potential pet poison lurking in almost every home, right in the kitchen cabinet or bathroom closet… aspirin! This common medication—which can even be prescribed to pets—can be very dangerous in the wrong amount. Learn more below from your El Dorado Hills veterinary professional.

Symptoms of Aspirin Poisoning

Oftentimes, the first symptom of aspirin poisoning in pets is a loss of appetite. As the medication will cause ulcers to form in the stomach and intestines, subsequent symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and even internal hemorrhaging. As the poisoning progresses even further, stupor and collapse can occur.

If you see any of these symptoms in your pet, or even suspect he’s swallowed any aspirin or other human medications, transport your pet to your local veterinary emergency room immediately. Keep your vet’s number on hand to call ahead.


Your vet may induce vomiting or pump your pet’s stomach to rid the system of the medication that’s causing the problem. Your pet may also need specific medications to repair the stomach lining, or fluid therapy to restore normal body function. In most cases, your pet will need to come back to the clinic for one or more follow-up appointments. This allows your vet to check on your pet’s recovery progress and adjust the treatment if needed.

How to Prevent an Accident

Obviously, it’s far easier to prevent episodes of aspirin poisoning than deal with them as they’re happening. Keep your human aspirin—as well as all other medications—tightly sealed up inside closed cabinets or drawers, and never leave them out on countertops. Remember, a pet can easily chew through plastic bottle caps, especially if they have strong jaws and set their mind to it.

If your pet is prescribed aspirin to manage pain or help with a disorder, make sure you’re fully aware of the administration procedure, dosage amounts, and treatment schedule. Contact your El Dorado Hills veterinarian if you have any questions at all about your pet’s medications.

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