How to Care for Your Hamster’s Teeth

Your hamster’s incisor teeth are rather important—they let your pet eat, crack open seeds and nuts, construct his hideouts, burrow into his bedding, and more! Here, a Folsom veterinarian answers your questions about your hamster’s dental care.

Can I Check My Hamster’s Teeth and Mouth?

Yes. Pick a time when your hamster is fairly sleepy or calm, then grasp his body gently with one hand. With the other, gently pull back the skin around the neck. This movement should cause your hamster’s mouth to open, exposing the front teeth and allowing you a look. Check for proper tooth alignment, and ensure they’re not growing too long. Wet, matted fur around the chin is a classic sign of incisors that are too long. Remember: your hamster’s teeth are supposed to be that brownish-yellow color!

How Often Should I Perform this Check?

Since a hamster’s broken or misaligned tooth could occur suddenly and affect his eating in a matter of a few days, it’s best to check on your hamster’s oral health often. Once a week should suffice for most hamster owners. Mark down a day on your calendar and stick to your schedule—your hamster’s optimal health depends on it!

What if I See Something Wrong?

If you check out your hamster’s mouth and notice any problems—misaligned teeth, swelling, bleeding, ulcers, etc.—let your veterinarian know right away. He or she can advise you further, and may need to see your hamster in person to evaluate the issue. Many hamsters benefit from a quick, painless tooth trim to file down the incisors a bit.

Are There Ways of Preventing Oral Issues?

Absolutely. The first way to ensure your hamster’s teeth and gums stay healthy is to feed him a high-quality hamster feed with the right balance of nutrients. Ask your vet to recommend a type and brand. Also make sure your hamster has plenty of chew toys to help keep the teeth filed down and keep your hamster occupied. Most vets recommend hardwood chew toys for hamsters.

Your Folsom veterinarian can give you more advice on your hamster’s oral health, so call the clinic with any questions or concerns.

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