Why Playing with Your Pooch is So Important

Think playing with your dog is just about having fun? Think again! While one benefit of playtime certainly is the fun factor, there’s a lot more to it. Learn about the various benefits of playing with your pooch below from a vet El Dorado Hills.

Behavioral Benefits

Regular playtime gives your dog an outlet for his pent-up energy and boredom. Dogs that don’t get this are far more likely to exhibit destructive behavior, aggression, soil in the house, and more. Keeping your dog active and stimulated with playtime can go a long way toward reducing or eliminating these behaviors.

Physical Benefits

Of course, your dog needs exercise, and playtime is the main way he’ll get it! Playing utilizes the muscles, keeps the joints limber, and burn off calories that can pack on extra pounds if they’re not worked off. Play fetch or tug-of-war, go on walks, run around the backyard, or simply romp around on the living room floor—however you accomplish it, make sure you’re giving your dog the physical benefits of playtime every day.

Mental Benefits

Your dog’s brain is another muscle that needs exercised, and he can do so with regular playtime. It keeps the brain stimulated, especially if you include puzzles in your playtime. Try using food-puzzle toys, which most dogs adore. You can also play hide-and-seek with treats or set up your own homemade obstacle course.

Bonding Time

Don’t forget about the important bond between you and your dog. It’s strengthened greatly by regular playtime. Dogs are social creatures—they don’t like to be alone, and they like to have fun with their loving owners! Give your dog some loving and work on your bond together with routine playtime.

Wondering what sort of playtime activity will work best for your particular dog? Call your veterinarian El Dorado Hills to discuss the matter with a veterinary professional.

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