How to Enrich Your Cat’s Life

Is your cat looking a little bored recently? A cat that isn’t properly stimulated and enriched may take out their frustrations by scratching your furniture and belongings! Try these suggestions as discussed by your vet Folsom.

Cat Toys

Of course, cat toys are essential for keeping your cat enriched. Try rotating toys in and out of your cat’s regimen—this way, she won’t get bored with the same old thing all the time. Every once in a while, splurge and get your cat a new toy. Most cats go crazy for toys that mimic small prey, like birds and mice, and laser light toys are also very popular.


Cats can learn tricks just like dogs can! It may take a bit more patience, but it’s certainly possible. Training time will stimulate your cat’s mind and serve as excellent pet-owner bonding time. Ask your vet what sort of tricks or commands your cat might learn, as well as the best way to get started.

Bird Feeders

What cat doesn’t love sitting on a windowsill, gazing longingly at the birds outside on the feeder? If your cat has a favorite indoor perch, try setting up a bird feeder a few yards away from it outdoors. This will provide your feline friend with hours of entertainment!

Cat Trees

You’ve probably seen cat tree structures in retail stores and pet shops. These jungle-gym-like structures provide high perches for cats, and most come with built-in scratching posts and toys. Consider purchasing one for your cat—it will most certainly enrich her home life and provide hours of fun!


Think dogs are the only pets who can go on walks? Cats, too, can take walks with a specially-fitted cat harness and leash. Pick one up at a pet store or your vet’s office, and ask your veterinarian in Folsom for advice on getting started.

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