Improve Your Health Through Pet Ownership

Your cocker spaniel Mocha has become the glue that holds your family together. Mocha’s an energetic canine companion who often joins you for fetch games and neighborhood walks. Your charming pooch is always ready for a good belly rub or ear scratching session, and she wants to be included in all your family road trips. Mocha also enjoys visiting her veterinarian from Folsom. While Mocha is clearly a much-loved family member, you might be surprised to learn that she also helps to improve your physical, social, and emotional health. Read more about pets’ surprising health benefits.

Furry Mood Changer

You’ve been surrounded by a black cloud all day, starting with this morning’s dead car battery and continuing with a disorganized workday that sent your “To Do” list out the window. To top it off, you got stuck in a traffic jam on the way home. You just want to relax and unwind tonight; however, Mocha has other plans. She greets you with a wagging tail and happy kisses, bouncing up and down as she anticipates her evening walk. Mocha’s enthusiastic welcome changes your mood, as you grab her leash and head for the door. This compact little ball of sunshine has just changed your evening for the better.

Sunny Social Butterfly

Mocha’s quite the social animal, as she has plenty of canine and human buddies along her neighborhood walking route. Mocha often draws joggers and other dog walkers over for a chat, and your neighborhood’s regular package delivery driver always greets her like an old friend. These walks also enable you to meet neighbors you might not otherwise encounter. Through Mocha’s efforts, you’ve received invitations to community potlucks, picnics, and other social get-togethers. Mocha’s also popular at the dog park and farmer’s market, attracting old and new friends every time she makes an appearance.

Distraction From Pain

If you suffer discomfort from pain, especially chronic pain from a medical condition, you can also experience a decreased quality of life. And since you don’t feel well, you might also notice that you feel more anxious. Fortunately, Mocha’s loving attention helps you to calm down and focus on positive things, which also reduces your anxiety level. As your anxiety level goes down, your pain seems to lessen, too. Perhaps Mocha, along with your cat Dixie, belongs on your much-valued care team.

While Mocha’s friendly, charming nature has given her dozens of canine and human friends, your much-loved furry family member has also helped to improve your health in numerous ways. Your Folsom vet will be pleased that Mocha’s such an important part of your life.

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