Choosing the Right Bird Perch

Do you have a pet bird? If so, you have a very cute little pet! These colorful winged beauties have been charming us for centuries. Since your little feathered buddy is essentially always on his feet, having proper perches is essential to his health. Without a good perch, your pet’s legs and feet may become weak, or develop problems. Read on for some tips on perches from your vet Folsom.

Types of Perches

Your birdcage may come with some built in perches, but these are often very basic, last-resort perches. Your feathered buddy will definitely appreciate an upgrade. There are many different kinds of perches available today. Grooming perches, multi-level perches, and shower perches are just a few of the options you can get for Polly. If you can’t choose, don’t worry. You can keep adding to your collection bit by bit, and change them out frequently to keep things fresh and new for your little winged buddy.


Getting several perches is the best way to keep Polly happy and healthy. A variety of styles and materials is beneficial because they all have different pros and cons. Your colorful pet may like one perch for dozing, while another may be better for those little feet.


You don’t have to stick with simple perches. Ladders, swings, and unique perches are all fun for Polly to play on, and are all beneficial for your feathered buddy. Rope perches can also be fun for your little winged friend. Just be careful not to get one that your bird can get tangled up in.


Place perches at various levels in Polly’s cage. Make sure that none of the perches are positioned over your feathered buddy’s food and water dishes. That will ensure that your winged pal’s food doesn’t get contaminated by droppings.


With so many types of perches to choose from, you can select perches according to your taste and your pet’s unique personality, but when it comes to size, you’ll need to choose wisely. Look up your bird’s type, and jot down the recommended sizes for your little feathered pet. Make sure to get Polly perches that are right for her type and size!

Do you have any questions about your bird’s care, health, or behavior? Please contact us at any time. As your local vet clinic Folsom, we are always happy to help.

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