Five Ways to Be a Better Cat Owner

Do you share your home with a cat? Our feline friends are truly wonderful animals, and they enrich our lives in many ways. As a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your kitty happy and healthy. Providing your furball with quality food, fresh water, lots of love, and a clean litter box will cover the basics, but to truly help your furball thrive, you’ll want to take some additional steps.
Here are five ways to be a better cat owner, as put forth by your Folsom veterinarian:

Keep Fluffy Inside

Outdoor kitties stand a much greater risk of being hurt, lost, or injured than indoor pets. Your furball may love going outdoors for some fresh air and fresh mischief, but she’s much, much safer inside. As soon as Kitty steps outside, she is in danger from predators, stray dogs, cars, and other hazards. Keeping your furry friend inside will keep her safer and healthier, and even extend her life expectancy!


Playing with your cat is not only a great way to make sure she gets her exercise, it will also keep Kitty’s mind sharp, and strengthen the bond between you. Just spending five or ten minutes a day playing with your feline buddy will bring benefits.


Cats that have been fixed tend to be healthier and live longer. The benefits of spaying and neutering don’t stop there, however. Spaying and neutering often results in a calmer pet, and reduces or eliminates improper spraying. You’ll also be making a responsible move as an animal lover. By not allowing your pet to breed, you’re helping combat overpopulation, which is one reason shelters are overflowing with wonderful pets in need of good homes.

Veterinary Care

Fluffy may be less than thrilled at this suggestion, but having her examined yearly and keeping her up to date on vaccines are both very important for her health.


Kitty might spend the majority of her time asleep, but when she’s awake, she’ll be looking for something to do. Toys, of course, are a must. Another way to keep your furball entertained is to give her a window view, so she can watch the neighborhood wildlife.

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