Why Gerbils Make Great Pets

Have you decided to add a pocket pet to your home? A gerbil may be a perfect choice for you. Gerbils are one of the most popular pets, and are often chosen as a child’s first furry friend. In this article, your local El Dorado Hills veterinarian goes over some reasons gerbils make wonderful pets.


Gerbils are very clean, and don’t produce a lot of odors. This is because these little furballs originated in desert terrain. Gerbie’s tiny kidneys adapted to suit an environment with little water, so they don’t produce much waste.


These little furballs are normally very gentle and docile. Gerbils very rarely bite, and many seem to enjoy being petted and handled by their owners. Gerbie’s sweet disposition is another reason to consider getting a gerbil.

Low Maintenance

Gerbils are one of the easiest animals to care for, which is another reason gerbils are so popular as children’s pets. You’ll need to provide fresh food and water daily, and clean Gerbie’s tank every week, but overall, gerbils are quite low-maintenance.


The cost of caring for a gerbil is significantly less than that of caring for a dog, cat, rabbit, or many other pets. This isn’t to say that a gerbil won’t cost you any money, but overall, Gerbie ranks as one of the most inexpensive pets.

Minimal Space Requirements

These tiny furballs don’t need a very large tank, so you won’t have to allocate a lot of room to your pet. A 10-gallon tank is suitable for one or two gerbils. For three, you’d want 15 gallons. A 20-gallon tank will work for four gerbils, while 30 gallons will do just fine for six. Of course, Gerbie will appreciate extra space, so you’ll want to give your pet the largest tank you can.


Last but not least, gerbils are simply adorable! Those cute little faces, tiny whiskers, and itty-bitty feet really are quite charming. They’re also super fun to watch!

Double Cuteness

Gerbils are very sociable animals, and live in colonies in the wild. A single gerbil will become sad and lonely without any buddies, so you’ll want to get at least two. Double cuteness!

Do you have any questions about caring for a pet gerbil? Please contact us, your local El Dorado Hills vet clinic, anytime. We are here to serve all of your pet care needs!

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