Summertime Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Are you ready for summertime? We are! Chances are, your canine pal also loves fun summer activities. In this article from a local Folsom veterinarian, you’ll read some great tips on how to keep Fido safe in summer.


Many of us absolutely love barbeques, and our canine friends are most enthusiastic about them as well. Fido has a pretty good chance of scoring himself a few tasty snacks at grill-outs, but he could easily eat something that’s bad for him. Garlic, onion, chives, grapes, raisins, and avocados are all toxic to dogs. These things are all frequently found, in some shape or form, on the food table at grill-outs. Another thing to watch out for is opened yard gates. Make sure your canine buddy is secure, especially when people are coming or going.


Some dogs are natural swimmers. Others … not so much. If your dog took to the water like a furry, four-legged duck, you’ll need to make sure he is properly trained to Stay, Come, and Sit on command. This crucial training can keep Fido from jumping off a dock, or running into water with a strong current. If your canine pal isn’t a natural swimmer, give him a few swimming lessons. Hold his rear up while he paddles, until he gets the hang of it. When it comes to pool safety, it’s very important that Fido knows where the stairs are, so he can get out if he ever falls in. Take time to teach your pooch how to climb out of the pool! Fido’s paws are another concern. Those furry feet will be very sensitive after being immersed in water. Don’t take your canine buddy onto hot sand or tar right after he’s been swimming. Even a pool deck can wreak havoc on wet paw pads!


If you go hiking with your canine pal, try to avoid taking him out during the hottest hours of the day. Always remember to bring plenty of water for your pooch, and a first aid kit as well. Keep your furry pal on a leash in crowded areas and near any cliff edges. The commands to Stay and Come can be critical here, as you don’t want your pooch exploring any areas that may be harboring snakes.

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