Could Your Pet Bird Be Getting Sick?

Your colorful cockatiel Mango is quite an appealing girl. Her carefully preened feathers, along with her chatty personality, make her an immediate hit with everyone she meets. Each morning, she greets you by hopping to her cage side and whistling her distinctive song. Although your beautiful bird has always been the picture of health, you stay alert for symptoms that might indicate an emerging medical problem. Fortunately, your Orangevale, CA vet can diagnose your bird’s condition and provide immediate treatment.

Respiratory Red Flags

Perhaps Mango’s respiratory function seems out of kilter. When she breathes, she keeps her mouth open; and her tail rises and falls with each tiny breath. She also appears to be wheezing, making her sound like a bird you’ve never heard before. Finally, you notice a discharge on the feathers surrounding her nostrils. Although you don’t know what’s wrong, her respiratory system seems to be experiencing distress. Don’t delay – get her to the vet immediately.

Neurological Symptoms

Maybe your normally steady bird appears a little tipsy, and she’s teetering on her perch. In fact, you’ve seen her topple over several times today. You’ve also observed her sitting motionless on her cage floor, like she’s completely out of energy. If she has developed a neurological condition, she could experience a seizure or become unconscious. Time is critical, so take her to the vet without delay.

Unusual-Looking Eyes

Surprisingly, little Mango’s eyes have taken on a cloudy, dull cast. In fact, she looks like she’s half asleep. Her eyes have also acquired a reddish appearance; and you can easily observe eye discharge. When you look directly into her face, you see some puffiness around her eyes. These symptoms call for quick veterinary attention.

Dull-Looking Feathers and Skin

Mango’s gorgeous plumage makes her a standout in any flock. However, perhaps she recently seems to have cancelled all her grooming appointments. Her coat looks increasingly dull, and she has been regularly dropping feathers on the cage floor. Even worse, she’s gnawing on her remaining feathers, giving her some bald patches. Your bird’s skin has also become flaky, and her beak’s color and texture appear completely different than normal.

After your Orangevale, CA vet determines the source of Mango’s disturbing symptoms, she’ll design a tailored treatment program. If your bird’s appearance and/or behavior are noticeably different, contact us for expert advice.

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