Behind the Scenes at Your Dog’s Dental Cleaning

Your golden retriever Dakota values his gleaming white choppers. First, his shiny white teeth make him popular with the ladies. Equally important, he was recently chosen to appear in a television commercial; and he’s convinced his brilliant smile clinched the deal. To keep his impressive-looking mouth, Dakota receives professional dental care. Tomorrow, he’ll visit your Folsom, CA veterinarian for a thorough dental exam and cleaning. You’re pleased that the vet wants your dog to avoid harmful dental disease.

Convenient Appointment

Your dog’s dental cleaning meshes nicely with your busy schedule. Tomorrow morning, you’ll take him to the hospital soon after opening time. After receiving his dental services, he’ll relax in his kennel until you retrieve him during the late afternoon.

Pre-Cleaning Dental Checkup

Before the procedure, the vet will obtain a complete picture of Dakota’s dental health. He’ll closely examine your dog’s teeth and gums. He’ll review your pooch’s past dental history, noting areas that deserve special attention. If you have treatment records from other facilities, they’ll provide useful information.

With luck, your canine housemate will merely display some plaque and tartar buildup. The vet might also observe gingivitis or bone loss around one or more teeth. If so, he’ll give your dog a standard dental cleaning. If the vet notices other issues, he’ll speak with you before addressing them.

The vet will evaluate your dog’s overall health before administering the required anesthesia. Blood work results will furnish the information he needs.

Thorough Dental Cleaning

Once Dakota’s snoozing comfortably under anesthesia, the vet can begin his meticulous work. During the procedure, a veterinary technician will track your dog’s vital signs.

The vet will evaluate your pooch’s gums, requesting x-rays for potential β€œred flags.” He’ll carefully scrub your canine housemate’s teeth, removing dangerous plaque and tartar with dental scaling equipment. Your lucky companion will receive a beneficial polish that smooths his tooth surfaces, making it harder for debris to stick to them. Afterward, your lazy dog will relax in his kennel until you arrive.

Home Dental Care

To keep Dakota’s teeth shining, your Folsom, CA veterinarian will demonstrate how to brush them at home. Inquire about dental rinses and/or dental chews.

With consistent professional exams and dental cleanings, plus home dental care, Dakota’s choppers will stay in great shape. To improve your dog’s dental health, contact us for an appointment.

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