Adopting a Stray Cat

Have you recently decided to adopt a stray cat? Or rather, has a stray cat decided to adopt you? Stray cats can make wonderful, loving pets, though they may need time to adjust to being a house cat. If you’re considering adopting a stray kitty, you’ll want to read this advice from a local Orangevale, CA vet.

Stray Vs Feral

Stray kitties and feral kitties are the same, physically, but they have very different mentalities. A feral cat is wild, and may be very wary of people. Strays, on the other hands, have been around humans before. A stray cat may have once been someone’s pet, or may have been raised near people. It’s much easier to turn a stray into a house pet than a feral cat.


Just like people, kitties all have their own personalities. If your new pal is an outgoing, friendly furball that simply showed up one day and made herself at home on your porch, you may find it quite easy to help the cat acclimate to being a pet. A timid kitty that hides, only venturing out for food, will need more time to adjust.


Our feline friends are much safer indoors, where they are protected from the dangers posed by cars, other animals, and predators. Cats that were formerly strays are used to being outdoors, so there’s a fairly good chance your furball may try to get outside. Give Fluffy time to adjust to the indoor life. Sweeten the deal by offering lots of toys, comfy sleeping spots, and a nutritious diet.

Veterinary Care

Before allowing your new friend to interact with other pets or children, you’ll need to take her to the vet. Your furry pal will need shots and an examination, as well as parasite control products, such as dewormers and flea and tick control. If the cat hasn’t been fixed, you’ll want to get this done as well.


When you bring your new pal in, start her out in a private room with toys, a litter box, food and water, and a comfy bed. Give her time to adjust before letting her out to explore, and don’t force attention on her. In time, Fluffy may forget she was ever a stray!

Do you have questions about cat care? Please contact us, your Orangevale, CA vet clinic, for all of your pet care needs.


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