Special Care Tips for Small Dogs

Is your canine buddy a little dog? Our furry friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and we love them all! Small dogs have many wonderful qualities. They often have happy-go-lucky personalities, and don’t need a lot of room, so they’re great choices for apartment dwellers. In this article, a local Folsom, CA vet offers some great care tips for small dogs.

Choose The Right Toys

Playthings are great for our canine buddies. Just be sure to choose toys made specifically for small dogs. The ones made for larger breeds can be very dangerous for your little furball!


Small dogs don’t need as much exercise as bigger dogs do. Those little legs don’t allow for a very large stride, so they have to work much harder to cover ground! Be careful not to overexert a little dog. Even just running around the house will keep your pup active. Aside from that, a few daily walks will suffice.


Little dogs can be very vulnerable to larger animals. Be sure to keep your pooch on a leash or in a carrier when out and about, and pick him up if need be. If you want to visit a dog park, choose one that has a separate fenced area for small dogs.


Training is just as important for little dogs as it is for their larger cousins. Small dogs can end up developing bad habits, simply because it’s easier to pick little Fido up than teach him to come when called. Make sure your canine friend gets proper training.


Many little dogs find comfort in knowing they can come to you when they feel scared. Teach your little one that you’ll pick him up when he puts his paw on your leg.


Small dogs can easily hurt themselves jumping off beds or couches. Get pet ramps or stairs, and teach little Fido how to get up and down safely.

Body Language

Many people like to carry small dogs. This can be great, but it can make your little one feel trapped when people approach to pet him. Learn to recognize the signs of fear or discomfort, and let your pooch experience life on his own four paws sometimes.

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