Putting a Stop to Your Dog’s Table Begging

Does your dog grovel at the kitchen table, whining for any morsel she can get? This behavior can put quite a damper on your family dinner! Use these tips from an Orangevale, CA veterinarian to put a stop to your dog’s begging:

Move Your Dog

Moving your dog to another room or area of the house may be the simplest solution to combat table begging. Try securing your dog in a basement room or a bedroom for the duration of dinner; be sure to leave a few of your dog’s favorite toys to keep her occupied until you’re done eating.

Ignore Your Dog’s Begging

We know—ignoring your dog’s pesky behavior is easier said than done. However, it may be essential in getting the behavior to stop. If a dog is engaged with every time they beg at the table, they’re getting what they want. If, on the other hand, they’re ignored, they’ll get the hint that begging doesn’t warrant a reward.

Feed Your Dog Her Own Meal

Many times, a dog can be fed her own meal during dinnertime to stop begging behavior. Some dogs just want to feel included in mealtimes, and giving them their very own doggie dinner may accomplish this! If you have questions on proper portion sizes or scheduled mealtimes, call your vet’s office for help.

Avoid Table Scraps

Make sure everyone in your family is clear on the protocol: no table scraps for a begging dog! Table scraps only give your dog an incentive to keep begging; after all, they’re getting a reward when they do so. Plus, fatty and/or salty table scraps aren’t good for dogs and may even cause serious health problems in large amounts.

Spot Training

Basic training can teach your dog to go to a certain spot—her dog bed, a certain corner, or a particular chair—when she hears a certain command, like “go!’ or “spot!” This is useful in all sorts of situations, one of which is combating table begging. Ask your veterinarian how to get started with basic spot-command training.

Seek Professional Help

Still having trouble putting a stop to your dog’s begging behavior? Give your vet in Orangevale, CA a call today. The animal lovers here can give you more advice on modifying your dog’s behavior, and they can also put you in touch with professional animal behaviorists or animal trainers who can provide further insight.

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