Bunnies and Chewing

Are you considering adopting a bunny? Bunnies are adorable pets, and can make wonderful companions. Those cute little faces are hard to resist! One thing that is very important for bunny owners to understand is that rabbits must chew almost constantly to keep their teeth healthy. An Orangevale, CA vet discusses bunnies and chewing in this article.

Why Bunnies Chew

Floppy isn’t trying to ruin your belongings. Bunnies have an inherent need to chew. In fact, if they don’t chew, their teeth will grow too long and cause serious problems. This is because those choppers are suited to breaking down tough plants and roots, which are what wild rabbits eat. Pets have a much softer diet, so you’ll need to compensate by giving your furball plenty of things to chew on.


Bunnies need time out of their cages every day. Before letting Floppy out to play, you’ll want to carefully bunnyproof your home. This means using protective coverings on baseboards, furniture legs, wires and cords, and carpeting. You’ll also need to remove any toxic plants. Keep medication, household chemicals, and small items, as well as personal belongings such as shoes and books, away from your furball as well.

Proper Chew Toys

Making sure your bunny has suitable chew toys is very important. Wood, wicker, straw, paper, and cardboard items can all make good chewable playthings. Just be sure not to give Floppy anything that is covered in varnish, paint, or dye. You’ll also want to avoid toys with small parts or sharp edges, as these can be very dangerous to bunnies.


Hay should actually form the bulk of your rabbit’s diet. Hay is great for both bunnies’ digestion and their teeth, so make sure that Floppy always has plenty of fresh, quality hay, such as Timothy hay.


Bunnies are quite capable of learning what they should and shouldn’t chew on. Just be careful how you approach discipline and training. Never punish Floppy for chewing something she shouldn’t. Because chewing is a natural bunny behavior, she won’t understand what she did wrong, and may feel anxious, angry, or afraid. Instead, when you see your furball nibbling on something she shouldn’t, gently redirect her to an appropriate item, and then give her praise and treats.

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