5 Ways to Make Your Cat Purr

Do you have kitty? These adorable furballs may be small, but they have big personalities, and lots of cute quirks. One of the most adorable things about our feline friends is the fact that they start vibrating when they’re happy. Want to become a pro at making Fluffy purr? An Orangevale, CA vet lists a few ways to activate the purr in this article.


Kitties love sprawling out in sunbeams! Give Fluffy a good napping spot in front of a window that gets a lot of light. You’ll probably find your feline friend snuggled up there frequently with that little motor of hers going.


Who doesn’t love a good meal? Some of our furry pals love food so much they purr as they eat. Keep your kitty healthy by giving her high-quality food and plenty of fresh water. You’ll have one happy kitty on your hands!

Soft Beds

Cats are, well, rather sleepy, so make sure to offer Fluffy lots of cozy spots to snuggle up in. You don’t have to get elaborate: a soft, folded blanket in a box or wicker basket will do nicely. Pamper Fluffy by offering her a few different beds, and moving them around once in a while.


Playing is great for your frisky furball. The physical activity will help keep Fluffy healthy, while the stimulation of ‘hunting’ catnip mice or tiny stuffed animals is great for her mental health. Playing will also tire your cat out a bit. This can cut down on the midnight ‘zoomies’ and will also help with behavioral issues, such as aggression. Plus, Fluffy will know you’re paying attention to her, and she’ll love you even more for it.


Kitties all have their own preferences, as far getting attention, but many of them are quite the little cuddlebugs. Some affectionate kitties start purring as soon as you touch them or pick them up. Petting or snuggling with your cat may very well get her motor going! You can also get some great benefits from turning your furball into a purrball. Cat purrs have been known to reduce stress, promote healing, soothe anxiety, and generally relax us. Plus, that soft rumble is a great sleep aid!

Do you have any questions about your kitty’s health or care? Call us! As your Orangevale, CA veterinary hospital, we are happy to help!

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