Household Hazards for Pet Birds

Birds are truly enchanting animals. These colorful little beauties are quite adorable, and, despite their small size, have huge personalities. Polly certainly makes a cute and charming little pet! Caring for a bird is very different from caring for a dog or cat, however, especially when it comes to keeping your feathered pal safe. Many common household items are dangerous to our winged buddies, and some can even be deadly! Below, a Folsom, CA veterinarian lists some common household dangers for birds.


Fans are one of the most serious hazards pet birds face. Always turn your fans off before letting Polly out to play!


Windows and mirrors are very dangerous to birds. Polly may not recognize a window or mirror as a solid surface, and could seriously hurt herself if she flies into one!


Birds have extremely sensitive lungs. Strong scents and fumes can make your feathered buddy quite ill! Don’t expose your little pal to cigarette smoke; aerosol sprays; scented candles; perfumes; or the vapors from household or automotive products. Cooking fumes are also extremely dangerous to Polly, as many kitchenware items give off scents that are harmless to people but are highly toxic to birds.


Your adorable feathered friend may love splashing in her little birdbath, but that doesn’t mean she can swim. Filled sinks or tubs, open toilets, and even pots of water on the stove are all extremely dangerous to Polly!

Window Treatments

It’s very easy for your colorful little pal to get tangled up in drapes, blinds, and cords. Bird owners must very careful when choosing window treatments!


Like most pets, birds can be very curious about food. Polly doesn’t always know what’s safe for her, though, so be very careful with what you allow your winged buddy to eat. Some common foods that are dangerous to birds include garlic and onions; chocolate; junk food; and products containing xylitol. Ask your vet for more information.

Other Pets

Your cat and/or dog may be a wonderful friend and companion to you, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get along with Polly. Fluffy and Fido can seriously hurt your bird, even without meaning to. We recommend playing it safe and keeping your pets separated.

Does your pet bird need veterinary care? Please feel free to call us, your Folsom, CA animal clinic, anytime! We are happy to help!

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