5 Things That Are Difficult to Accomplish Around Cats

Do you have a kitty? Your feline friend probably keeps you amused with her adorable antics and unique purrsonality. Cats may be small, but these little furballs are definitely big in character. Fluffy’s mischievous streak, playfulness, and curiosity can definitely keep us chuckling, and help keep our spirits up in troubled times. Kitties aren’t always so helpful, however. In fact, sometimes they can be a bit uncooperative. Below, an Orangevale, CA vet lists five things that cat parents often find hard to get done!

Changing The Sheets

We have to admit that we’re not quite sure just what it is about sheets being changed that is so irresistible to cats. To be honest, we suspect that Fluffy just thinks it’s really fun to pounce and play on the bed while it’s being made. Whatever the reason, your kitty’s attempts to lend a helping paw don’t always prove very useful!

Wrapping Presents

There may very well be a yet-undiscovered law of physics that applies to cats, wrapping paper, and tape, and the fact that all three combined usually results in an exasperated cat parent. Our best advice is to wrap gifts when your furball is asleep. If all else fails, cut out a small square of paper and crumple it into a ball for Fluffy to bat around. This may distract her just long enough for you to finish your giftwrapping!


Another one of our feline friends’ amusing quirks is their habit of sprawling out across books, newspapers, and magazines. Does Fluffy learn by osmosis? Or does she suspect that you might be reading about other kitties?

Filling Boxes

Cats just can’t seem to resist boxes. We know that kitties feel safe and secure in small spaces, but our feline friends apparently seem to think that boxes exist simply for them to hop into. Trying to keep your kitty out of an empty box is not easy!

Packing Suitcases

Have you ever tried to pack a suitcase, only to find your furball immediately hopping into it? Perhaps Fluffy thinks you should pack the most crucial thing (her) first. Or maybe she simply wants to stop you from leaving her, even for just a few days. Tip: old suitcases make great kitty beds!

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