Introducing Two Kitties

Have you recently decided to bring a second cat into your household? Good for you! We love seeing kitties go to wonderful, loving homes. Your resident cat may be a bit less enthusiastic about your decision, however, especially if she’s used to being an only pet. Read on for some great tips on introducing two cats in this article from a Folsom, CA veterinarian.

Bringing the Newcomer Home

When you bring your new cat home, put her in a quiet back room, such as a spare bedroom or laundry room. Give her food, water, and a litterbox, as well as some toys and comfy beds. This will give your kitty a quiet, cozy place to get used to her new home. Your resident cat will probably immediately start sniffing at the door. Feed your feline buddies near the door, so they start to form good associations with each other’s scents. Don’t be surprised if you find your furry pals playing pawsies under the door, either.

Meet N’ Greet

Before allowing your cats to interact, make sure that both of them are current on their vaccinations and parasite control, and that your vet has given the all-clear. You’ll also want to give them a few days to get used to each other’s scents, and to individually process the fact that there’s another kitty in the house. When both of your furball seem calm, put the newcomer in a carrier and bring her into a family room or living room. Let your resident kitty sniff her. If all goes well, let your new furbaby out, and let them start to interact. You may see a bit of hissing and posturing, but this should slow down fairly quickly. If Fluffy and Mittens actually fight, separate them, and try again another day.

Furry Friends

Don’t expect your feline buddies to immediately become BFFs. It can take cats a very long time to adjust to changes. Fluffy and Mittens could take as much as a year to get used to one another! Play with your cats together, and give them toys and treats together. In time, you may be treated to one of the most adorable sights on the planet: that of two kitties snuggled up together, sleeping and purring.

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