All About Heartworm Prevention

Did you know that April is Heartworm Awareness Month? Preventing a heartworm infestation is far easier, cheaper, and less worrisome than treating it after the fact, so prevention is essential. Learn more below from your Orangevale, CA veterinarian.

Why is Prevention So Important?

It’s very difficult to treat a heartworm infestation after it has taken hold—in fact, many dogs don’t survive if the infestation isn’t caught early enough. Treatment is expensive and time consuming, oftentimes taking several months, and comes with various risks. Killing heartworms in the bloodstream can result in blood-flow obstruction, and coughing, fever, and other serious symptoms may occur. Preventing a heartworm infestation in the first place with a high-quality preventive medication is much safer.

Are Year-Round or Seasonal Preventatives Best?

Most of the time, veterinarians recommend year-round preventatives simply because they protect your pet at all times. Year-round medications can also help protect against certain intestinal parasites—including some that may be able to be transmitted to humans—in addition to heartworms.

If you live in a locale where heartworms are only a seasonal problem, a seasonal heartworm preventative may be recommended. Ultimately, it’s important to speak with your veterinarian to decide exactly what sort of heartworm preventative is right for your dog. Set up an appointment with your veterinary professional today!

What’s the Medication Like?

Heartworm preventatives can come in various forms. Occasionally, they can come in pill form or even chewable tablet form. More commonly, heartworm preventatives are topical gels and get applied directly to your dog’s skin about once a month. Some heartworm preventatives are even injectable, and are administered by your veterinarian with a syringe. This method, of course, will require regular trips to your vet’s office to have the procedure performed.

Would you like more information on heartworm preventatives and how they’re administered to dogs? Call your vet today to have your questions answered.

How Do I Get My Dog Preventative Medications?

Does your dog need preventative medication against heartworms? Act quickly—this is one of the most important things you can do for your dog’s health! First, your veterinarian will test your dog for the presence of heartworms (giving heartworm preventatives to a dog already infested with heartworms can prove deadly). Then, a preventative can be prescribed. Set up an appointment at your Orangevale, CA animal hospital today to get your canine companion the medication he or she needs.

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