Fourth of July Safety for Dogs

Did you know that every year, many of our canine friends are reported missing after the Fourth? Independence Day is actually a very dangerous holiday for Fido. Read on as a local Folsom, CA vet offers tips on keeping your furry pal safe for America’s Birthday.


When it comes to our four-legged friends, an ounce of prevention can be worth several pounds of cure. Keeping up with your pet’s veterinary care is very important. Make sure Fido is current on his vaccines and parasite control, is microchipped, and is wearing proper ID.


Many dogs are terrified of fireworks. Fido doesn’t understand what’s going on: he only knows that all of a sudden there are lots of scary noises and lights. Even the most faithful pet can bolt if he’s frightened. If your pup has a yard to patrol, check your fencing and gates to make sure they’re secure. We also recommend limiting your furry buddy’s outdoor time on and around the Fourth. When you walk your pooch, make sure you have a good grip on his leash.


When the light show starts, bring Fido indoors, and put him in his crate or a quiet back room. You may want to turn on a radio or TV to mask the noise. If your pup gets really scared, ask your vet about using pet-calming products, such as sprays or close-fitting shirts.


Many of us will be firing up the grills on America’s birthday. Fido will no doubt be on the prowl for dropped food. Don’t let your pooch eat garlic, onions, scallions, or chives; avocados; pitted fruits; alcohol; caffeine; chocolate; nuts; grapes, currants, and raisins; or anything containing xylitol. You also want to keep bones and barbeque skewers away from your canine buddy.


Glow sticks, bug spray, torch oil, citronella candles, and lighter fluid are all dangerous for dogs. Keep these things away from your four-legged pal!


Heat is another Independence Day danger. Make sure Fido always has plenty of fresh water and a cool place to relax in, and watch for signs of overheating, such as heavy panting, drooling, and lethargy. If you see any of these red flags, bring your dog to a cool area and call your vet.

Happy Fourth of July! Please contact us, your Folsom, CA animal clinic, for all of your pet care needs.

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