7 Possible Reasons for Your Cat’s Litterbox Issues

Is your cat ignoring her litterbox? While most kitties are very good about using their own private bathrooms to do their business, occasionally a cat will forego her litterbox. This can be very frustrating for kitty parents. We are here to help! Read on as a local Orangevale, CA veterinarian lists some possible reasons for your pet’s powder room problem.

Medical Issues

First and foremost, take Fluffy to the vet and have her examined to rule out any medical issues. If your feline friend gets the all-clear, then you can move on to other possible causes.

Lack of Privacy

Is your cat’s litterbox out in the open? Try putting it in a quiet spot. Just like people, kitties prefer a bit of privacy in the lavatory.

Dirty Bathroom

A soiled litterbox could also be the issue. Most cats hate dirty litterboxes. Scoop Fluffy’s box out daily, and change it thoroughly about once a week.

Crowded Facilities

Do you have more than one cat? If so, you’ll need to provide one litterbox per furball, with at least one extra. Kitties don’t like to share bathrooms!

Product Preferences

Sometimes cats develop a preference for a certain type of litterbox, or a specific kind of litter. Set out a few different options, and see if your kitty seems to prefer any of them. If your furry friend is in her golden years, try a box with lower walls. Senior cats often have trouble climbing in and out of boxes with high sides.

Inconvenient Location

While you don’t want your cat’s litter pan in the middle of your living room, you do need to put it somewhere that is convenient for her. If Fluffy’s litterbox in an area that is noisy, drafty, or hard for her to reach, try moving it to another location.


Sometimes cats get scared or uneasy about their litterboxes. If none of the other options seem to fit the bill, your feline pal may have anxiety. You’ll need to proceed carefully: never punish Fluffy for not using her box, especially while she’s near it. This may only make her more scared. Consult your vet or a professional cat behaviorist.

Do you have questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care? Please feel free to call us anytime! As your local Orangevale, CA animal clinic, we are always happy to assist!

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