Holidays With Birds

Do you have a pet bird? Our feathered friends make adorable animal companions! The holidays can be a dangerous time for birds, however, so you may want to take some precautions to keep Polly safe. Below, an Orangevale, CA vet discusses holidays with birds.


Many people like to give their pets a special holiday meal. Just be very careful with what you offer Polly. Never give your feathered friend garlic, scallions, or onions; chocolate; fatty or sugary foods; alcohol; caffeine; hard candies; or anything containing xylitol. Different kinds of birds have their own specific nutritional requirements, so ask your vet for suggestions.


Keep your colorful little buddy in mind when choosing and hanging decorations. Christmas trees, both real and fake, can be very dangerous for birds! Polly may instinctively try to land in the tree, unaware of the dangers posed by tinsel, fragile ornaments, ornament hooks, ribbons, wires, and real or fake pine needles. Other decorative items can also be hazardous to your winged pal. Choose durable items that don’t have dangling threads, small pieces, or sharp edges. Many birds love shiny, glittery objects, so keep bright, delicate ornaments away from your pet.

Other Hazards

Food and decorations aren’t the only hazards to be careful of. Since birds have extremely sensitive lungs, be careful not to expose Polly to vapors from cooking fumes, perfume, or cigarette smoke. Aerosol spray is also dangerous, so never use things like fake snow or air fresheners near your bird’s cage. Some other hazards for birds include both scented and unscented candles, the water bowls for Christmas trees, and fireplaces. Ask your vet for safety tips.


Polly definitely deserves a few gifts of her own. A bigger birdcage would be an excellent gift for your feathered buddy! Perches and toys also make wonderful presents for birds. Ask your vet for more recommendations.


Are you planning to have company during the holidays? While many people are familiar with dogs and cats, not everyone knows the do’s and don’ts of interacting with pet birds. Ask guests not to feed Polly or smoke around her. It’s always best to err on the side of caution, so if you’re hosting a party or having a lot of visitors, consider putting Polly’s birdcage in a quiet back room until everyone leaves.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your local Orangevale, CA pet clinic, anytime!

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