Entertaining Your Cat

Did you know that cats can get bored? We know, our feline friends are often purrfectly content doing little more than lounging around, looking cute, and judging us. However, kitties can get restless and unhappy with nothing to do. Read on as a Folsom, CA vet offers tips on keeping Fluffy amused.

Kitty Furniture

Cats love to explore nooks and crannies. Get your furry friend a cat tower to play on. This will provide your pet with a napping spot, a jungle gym, and a scratching post, all in one. It will also offer Fluffy a wonderful perch from which she can stare at you with that cute smug look happy cats get. Your furball may also appreciate kitty condos or pet tipis. If you are trying to save money, go the DIY route, and make your cat’s things.

Window View

Your cute little pet is actually a fierce, if adorable, predator by nature. Even if your furball is more likely to make friends with a mouse than hunt one, she’ll still enjoy watching small animals. Give Fluffy a comfy seat before a window with a good view.


If there’s one thing that can get Fluffy off the couch and moving, it’s catnip! Sprinkle some around your pet’s kitty furniture, or give her a small homegrown plant.


Is your kitty an only pet? If so, Fluffy may enjoy having a playmate to chase around and snuggle up to. Of course, not all cats will be happy to find themselves with a new roommate. Your furball’s age, temperament, and history should all be taken into consideration. You’ll also need to make sure you are ready to commit to your new pet for her entire lifetime.


Make sure your furball has lots of fun toys. Classic kitty toys, like catnip mice, are great, but you can also find some super cute modern cat toys. For instance, you can order DVDs just for your kitty to watch? Some cats love watching programs about birds, fish, or squirrels! Or, pamper your feline pal with catnip bubbles, automated laser pointers, or even a robotic fish. If you really want to go all out, look for apps that let you play with Fluffy remotely, using a laser pointer and a camera.

Please contact us, your Folsom, CA animal hospital, anytime. We are dedicated to keeping kitties happy, healthy, and purring!

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