Tips for Letting Your Hamster Use a Runabout

Do you have a hamster for a pet? Hamsters are very cute and lovable little pets, and can be very fun to watch! While these little furballs generally spend most of their time in their cages, some do enjoy using runabouts, or exercise balls. An Orangevale, CA vet discusses letting your hamster use a runabout in this article.


Don’t leave Hammie in his ball for too long. Generally, about 10-15 minutes at a time is plenty. You don’t want your little buddy to get overtired or frightened!


Hamsters can’t really be potty-trained, so your pet may make a bit of a mess in his runabout. Be sure to clean and disinfect Hammie’s exercise ball after every use. Use hot water and a mild, unscented soap, and then dry it thoroughly with paper towels.


Never leave Hammie in his runabout unattended. You also want to make sure that your pet is on level ground. Don’t put your hamster in his exercise ball in any areas where he could potentially roll down stairs, fall into a pool or puddle, or get stuck on or near any other hazards.


Always keep a close eye on your little pet when he is in his runabout. Hamsters tend to like getting stuck in corners! Be careful not to accidentally kick or trip over Hammie.


Choosing the right size of exercise ball is very important! Hammie could hurt himself in a runabout that is too big or too small for him. Read the label carefully.

Other Pets

If you have dogs and/or cats, keep them in separate areas when your hamster is out and about. You definitely don’t want Fluffy or Fido trying to play with little Hammie!

Closing The Latch

Sometimes runabouts don’t close very well. Hammie could easily get hurt or escape if the exercise wheel opens while he is inside. You may want to use tape to seal the two parts closed, so it doesn’t open accidentally.

Hammie’s Choice

While some hamsters love their runabouts, others are scared of their exercise wheels. Keep a close eye on Hammie. If the little guy seems uneasy or frightened, take him out, and try again another day. If your tiny furball doesn’t adjust, get him a different toy instead.

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