5 Things Your Cat Will Always Refuse to Do

Did you know that today, December 15th, is actually Cat Herder’s Day? If the answer to that is no, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve never met anyone who has successfully herded cats. The old saying about it being impossible to herd cats probably came about because, well, kitties can be quite stubborn! Our feline friends not only refuse to be herded, they actually refuse, well, quite a few things. Read on as an Orangevale, CA vet lists some things your cat just won’t do.

Stay Off Things

While we’re not sure exactly how many words kitties understand, it’s probably safe to say that Fluffy knows exactly what ‘Get down from there’ means! Get your pet a cat tower, so she can indulge her love of heights.

Let You Make The Bed

No one knows just why kitties find bed-changing so much fun, but we do know that many of them just can’t resist ‘helping’ with this household chore. Get Fluffy a pet tent or tipi: cats love secret hiding spots!

Tolerate Being Ignored

Does your cat have a way of demanding attention when you’re busy? Does Fluffy run out in front of you if you don’t pay attention to her, or jump onto your desk when you’re in the middle of doing something? Case in point! Pay lots of attention to your kitty, so she feels loved and safe.

Leave The Tree Alone

You can’t blame Fluffy for obsessing over the tree a bit. In the wild, kitties use trees as manicure stations and jungle gyms. They also climb them to reach safety or shelter, or just get a better view of what’s going on around them. A tree hung with what appears to be cat toys is going to be pretty hard for a frisky furball to resist! Offer your cat lots of fun toys, and play with her every day.

Stop Helping You Wrap Gifts

Wrapping gifts is another chore that cats love ‘helping’ with. Fluffy may hop into the box you’re trying to wrap, bat at the ribbon, or sprawl out across your gift paper. There’s no winning this argument: just get some cute pictures of your mischievous pet!

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