5 Phrases Your Cat Probably Understands

Cats are very interesting little furballs, and can be quite mysterious at times. For instance, studies to measure kitty intelligence have failed more often than not, simply because Fluffy refuses to participate. While we may never know exactly how smart our feline pals are, it is probably safe to say that they do understand certain words and phrases. Read on as an Orangevale, CA vet lists some key phrases that your furball probably understands purrfectly well.

Get Down From There

As you may have noticed, many cats like high places. There is a good reason for this: Fluffy really doesn’t have a great vantage point from ground level. That said, many people are constantly plucking their fearless felines off counters, bookcases, and dressers.

That’s Not A Toy

Our feline buddies are actually predators in the wild. Even if your pampered pet never hunts anything aside from a toy mouse, she’ll still be instinctively driven to pounce on things. However, Fluffy doesn’t always realize what is and isn’t safe or suitable for her to practice her hunting skills on. Chances are, you’ve taken a few of your frisky pet’s ‘playthings’ away from her.

Sorry, But I Have To Move You

If there’s one thing cats are good at, aside from looking cute and bossing their owners around, it’s sleeping. Fluffy can snooze up to 20 hours a day! Kitties also like to rotate from spot to spot for their naps, and are always trying out new places. At some point, you’ll need to move your drowsy pet mid-nap.

Get Out of There

We’re guessing Fluffy has heard this one a few times! Kitties love exploring new places, even if the ‘new place’ is just a closet or cabinet that’s usually shut. Your nosy little pet will also immediately check out open suitcases, paper grocery bags, and, of course, any boxes you bring home.

Her Name

Although the jury is still out on how much human language cats understand, it is safe to say that most of our feline buddies do understand their names. Whether your furball actually comes when you call her, however, is a different story. In fact, studies have shown that cats sometimes do deliberately ignore their owners’ summons. How rude!

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