Keeping Kitty Fit

Is your feline friend starting to slow down a bit? While cats are very frisky when they are little, they do lose steam as they get older, and become more interested in napping than in running and playing. This can make it really easy for your cute pet to put on weight. While chubby cats are adorable, unfortunately, those extra pounds are very bad for their health. Keeping your cat at healthy weight is very important! Read on as an Orangevale, CA vet offers some tips on keeping your furry buddy fit.


First things first: make sure that Fluffy has lots of fun toys to play with. Cats all do have their own individual tastes, so pay attention to your pet, and see what types of toys she likes best. Change out your furry buddy’s playthings regularly, to keep things fun and exciting for her.

Cat Furniture

Get Fluffy some fun pieces that encourage her to jump and climb. Cat towers are great for this, as your furball will get a napping spot, jungle gym, lookout point, and nail-care station, all in one. Your furry buddy may also appreciate cat shelves.


If you tell your cat to do laps around the kitchen, she’ll probably just look at you, yawn, and start licking her paws. However, if you take out a wand toy or laser pointer, there’s a good chance that she’ll chase after it. Take time to play with your cat regularly, using toys that you control. This will provide your furball with both physical activity and mental stimulation. Plus, it will be fun for you both!


While this won’t be the best option for every pet, some of our feline buddies really enjoy being taken out for walks. This may be a good choice for bold, active cats, and/or kitties that used to be allowed to go outdoors. You’ll need to take time to train your furball. Start by letting Fluffy wear her harness indoors. When she’s used to that, add a leash. Supervise your pet closely during this stage! The final step is to take your feline pal outdoors, and see how she reacts. Your cat may be purrfectly thrilled to get some fresh air and sunlight. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please us, your Orangevale, CA pet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We’re happy to help!

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