Is Your Cat Bored?

Is your kitty napping right now? There’s a pretty good chance that she is. Fluffy certainly is a drowsy little furball! In fact, cats can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. However, your sleepy pet will still need something to do when she is awake. Here, a Folsom, CA vet discusses beating the bored-kitty blues.

Kitty Garden

We strongly recommend keeping your kitty safe and sound indoors, where she isn’t exposed to dangers posed by cars, weather, wild animals, and other hazards. However, you can bring a little of the outside in for Fluffy. Set out some pet-safe plants for your cat to sniff at and hide behind. You’ll find a complete list of nontoxic plants at the ASPCA website here.


If you have a sunroom, spare room, or patio, turn it into a kitty luxury space by making it a catio. Add some fun cat furniture, like a cat tower, that encourages Fluffy to stay active by jumping and climbing. A good view is also a must. If possible, put a birdfeeder outside, where your cat can see it. This is also a great spot for a kitty fountain!


Offer Fluffy plenty of fun toys to push under the couch. Classic kitty toys, like catnip mice, are fine, but you can also offer Fluffy modern toys, like mechanical mice, automated laser pointers, catnip bubbles, or robotic ‘swimming’ fish. Kitties do have personal favorites when it comes to playthings, so pay attention to your pet when she plays, and see what she prefers.


Toys are great, but at the end of the day, Fluffy’s favorite form of entertainment may be you. Take time to play with your cat regularly. Use toys that you can control, such as laser pointers or wand toys. This will help keep your feline buddy active, which is great for her physically. Playing also offers kitties beneficial mental stimulation. This is also a great way to make your furball feel loved, and keep that little motor going.


Does Fluffy stay home while you go to work? Make your pet’s alone time more fun by leaving a TV or radio on for her. The sound of music and voices will help keep her from feeling bored and lonely.

Is your cat due for veterinary care? Contact us, your Folsom, CA pet clinic, today. We’re here to help!

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