7 Reasons to Love Guinea Pigs

Did you know that tomorrow, July 16th, is Guinea Pig Appreciation Day? Guinea pigs—also sometimes known as cavies—make very cute and lovable pets. These little guys definitely deserve some love! Here, a Folsom, CA vet lists some great reasons to appreciate Guinea pigs.

They’re Cuddly

While many pocket pets tend to be timid, many Guinea pigs really enjoy interacting with and cuddling up to their owners. In fact, some of these little furballs even like snuggling up on their humans’ laps!

They’re Gentle

Guinea pigs are very popular children’s pets. One reason for this is that, as long as they have been properly socialized, they are typically very gentle, and rarely bite or scratch. You will need to handle your tiny furball gently and regularly to keep him tame, however, so they remain accustomed to human contact.

They Can Learn Tricks!

Did you know that cavies can learn cute tricks? Many of these cute furballs can be taught simple commands. You may be able to teach your furry little buddy to turn in circles, jump through hoops, or come to you when called. Another helpful trick is to show your pet to go into their cage upon command. Guinea pigs can even be litterbox trained!

They Don’t Make Much Noise

Our animal companions are all wonderful, but they all have their own unique pros and cons. One great thing about Guinea pigs is the fact that they really don’t make much noise. You won’t have to worry about your neighbors complaining that your pet is keeping them up at night!

They Don’t Need Much Space

Cavies do need larger enclosures than some pocket pets, but overall, they really don’t take up a lot of room. Many people get two-story habitats, which can increase a Guinea pig’s floor space without taking up much more room.

They Love Buddies

What’s cuter than one Guinea pig? Two or three! Cavies are very sociable, and love having pals. Just be sure to only keep same-sex pairs together.

They’re Adorable

Last but not least, these pint-sized pets are really very cute and personable. Guinea pigs may be small, but they have big personalities, and can keep you smiling with their cute antics, adorable sounds, and lovable characteristics.

Do you have a Guinea pig? Contact us, your Folsom, CA pet hospital, for all your cavy’s veterinary care needs.

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