Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Paws

Does your kitty sometimes tap you with her paw to politely request cuddles? Or does Fluffy sometimes smack you in the face to wake you up when she wants to let you know she wants her breakfast right meow? Our feline friends actually have some pretty adorable feet! Read on as a local Orangevale, CA vet discusses your furry buddy’s paws.


Kitties are typically very color-coordinated. A cat with solid color fur will usually have solid color paw pads. If your pet has patterned fur, however, her paw pads will match her coat. For example, ‘tuxedo’ kitties often have black splotches on their paw pads.


Your feline buddy’s paw pads are very sensitive. This helps let Fluffy know if a surface is very hot, cold, or sharp. Some kitties are even a bit ticklish!

Temperature Regulation

Fluffy’s paws are also important for another reason: they help her regulate her temperature. Cats can only sweat through their paw pads. Try putting an ice cube down on the floor before Fluffy on a hot day. She may really enjoy batting it around!

Righty or Lefty?

Just like people, cats tend to use one paw more than the other. If you aren’t sure whether your furball favors her right or left paw, put something on the coffee table, and see which paw she uses to knock it over. (Note: female cats are usually right-pawed, while boy kitties are typically lefties.)

The Teddy Bear

Did you ever notice that if you look at Fluffy’s ‘toe beans’ upside down, they look very much like a teddy bear? Just when you thought cats couldn’t get any cuter …

Claw Care

Fluffy has many adorable habits, but her nail-care routine isn’t always very popular with her humans. Make sure your feline pal has a suitable scratching post. Cat towers are great, as they offer beds, vantage points, and nail-care stations, all in one.

Kitty Cushions

Your furry pal’s paws also work as shock absorbers. When your furball jumps off a bed or chair, her feet will absorb the impact.

Stealth and Silence

Did you know that Fluffy walks on her tiptoes? This helps kitties sneak up on unsuspecting catnip mice!

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