Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! If you are ready to adopt a dog, consider giving a cute older pooch a great retirement home. Senior dogs often have a very hard time getting adopted. This is very sad, because they often make the best pets. We know, puppies are adorable. It’s also understandable that many people want to raise their pets from puppyhood. However, there are some great reasons to adopt older dogs. An Orangevale, CA vet lists some of them in this article.

They’re Super Lovable!

First and foremost, older dogs are absolutely adorable. In fact, they are just as cute as puppies, as far as we are concerned!

Sweet Personality

Dogs often develop a very sweet and amiable demeanor as they age. These lovable canines really just want to hang out with their human pals, collecting ear scritches and belly rubs.

Less Destructive

Older dogs aren’t as mischievous or destructive as younger pups. Fido will likely be much more interested in napping than in playing, and will therefore be much less likely to engage in bad doggy behaviors like chewing shoes or digging up flowerbeds. That’s a definite plus!

Lower Exercise Needs

Senior pets still need some activity, but they are much slower and calmer than their younger counterparts. In fact, many senior pooches only need a walk around the block. This makes them a great option for anyone who doesn’t have the time or energy to keep up with a frisky, bouncy pup.

Shorter Commitment

Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. When you adopt a puppy, you may be signing on for over a decade of pet parenting. Older dogs don’t have that much time left, however. This makes them a great option for anyone who wants a shorter commitment.

Prior Training

Another great thing about older dogs is the fact that they are usually already trained. If Fido has been a pet before, he’ll likely already know what’s expected of him. It’s definitely a plus to be able to skip housebreaking!

Make A New Friend

As mentioned above, senior dogs often have a hard time finding homes. Giving that one sweet dog a second chance at happiness is really something you can feel great about. You’ll also make a friend for life!

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