Celebrating Black Cats

November 17th Is Black Cat Day. Black cats are very sweet and lovable, but they’ve gotten a bit of a bad rap. An Orangevale, CA vet discusses black cats in this article.


Up to 13 percent of Americans are superstitious about black cats. While there is no truth to the myths that black cats are bad luck, unfortunately, these old wives’ tales are still around. The folklore about black cats actually goes back to the Middle Ages, when black cats became (unfairly) associated with witchcraft. Sadly, these rumors have been pretty harmful to black kitties. They often have a hard time getting adopted! It doesn’t help that, even today, many Halloween motifs still utilize black cats.

Opposing Myths

Not all cultures consider black cats to be bad luck. Actually, in some places, the opposite is true. For example, Germans consider it good luck when a black cat crosses your path. Black cats are also considered lucky by British sailors, and are believed to bring wealth in Scottish folklore. And in Japan, they’re thought to help single ladies attract more suitors.

Black Cat Breeds

22 different breeds of cats can be solid black. However, only one is almost always black. That would be the Bombay. These cute, playful kitties are very smart, and can even learn simple tricks, like Fetch.

Black or Brown

The term ‘black cat’ is actually a misnomer in most cases. Generally, kitties that appear black are actually dark brown. If you have a black cat, look at her fur in the sun. It may very well appear like a dark mahogany color. If Fluffy spends a lot of time outdoors or in her favorite sunbeam, it will start getting lighter, and may even begin to reveal a pattern.

Famous Black Cats

Some black cats and tuxes are quite famous! Two feline cartoon celebrities, Sylvester and Felix, are both tuxes. Tommaso, an Italian black cat, holds the distinctive honor of being the richest cat in the world: he inherited a whopping $13 million from his owner! A black cat also played an interesting role in the life of his owner, England’s King Charles I. According to legend, when the kitty died, the king commented that his luck had run out. He wasn’t exactly wrong: he was arrested for treason soon after.

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