Common Behavioral Problems in Cats

Fluffy is a very cute pet, but she’s not purrfect. In fact, our feline pals have a few bad habits, and can sometimes be, well, a bit naughty. Read on as a Folsom, CA vet lists some common kitty misbehaviors.

Litterbox Issues

One great thing about cats is the fact that they will discretely do their business in a litterbox. However, sometimes they stop using their powder rooms. There can be several reasons for this. Fluffy may be ill, or she may not like the litter or litterbox. Dirty litterboxes can also be the culprit. Anxiety is another possibility. Ask your vet for advice.


Spraying, as you may know, is most common in kitties that haven’t been fixed. If Fluffy is still intact, we recommend having her spayed or neutered right away. Cats also sometimes spray when there are multiple cats in a house, as this is one way for them to mark their territory. Major changes can also trigger spraying. Using an enzyme-based cleaner will help with the mess until you can find a long-term solution.


This one technically isn’t a bad behavior, as Fluffy is really just following her natural instincts. (We know, it may seem like your pet is deliberately trying to ruin your sofa, but that isn’t the case.) Kitties rely on their claws for hunting and defense in the wild, so they learned long ago to take care of them. Make sure your furry little diva has a good, sturdy scratching post.


It’s important to remember that kitties are both predator and prey in the wild, and can become defensive quickly if they feel scared. They also love to pounce on things. This, like scratching, is instinctive behavior. Give your furball lots of toys, and play with her regularly. Use toys that you control, like a laser pointer or wand toy. It’s also important to know the difference between a frisky cat, a temperamental one, and an angry one. If Fluffy is being playful, she’ll only bite lightly, and may stop her attack to lick you. Temperamental kitties may be playful one minute, irritated the next, and then aloof. Angry cats, however, will attack full force. If your furball fits into the latter category, ask your vet for advice.

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