Where to Put Your Cat’s Bathroom Box

If you’re new to cat ownership or are about to bring home a feline companion, it’s important to set up a good litter box for your pet. Where you put your cat’s bathroom is very important! If the box isn’t placed properly, your cat might not take to it. Here are some tips from a Folsom, CA veterinarian on litter box location:

Quiet Zone

Your cat doesn’t like to do her business in a crowded, noisy area with a lot of traffic from human family members or other pets in the house. After all, who wants to be disturbed while they’re using the bathroom? By placing your cat’s litter box in a quiet, out-of-the-way location such as a basement, mud room, or laundry room, you’re making it likely that your cat will gladly choose to use her bathroom.

Far Away From Food

Who wants to eat near the spot where they use the bathroom? Not your feline friend. It’s always best to place the litter box a safe distance away from Fluffy’s food and water dishes. Cats have been known to stop using their box, or cease eating and drinking, if these areas are placed in close proximity!

All-Hours Access

Remember to put your cat’s box in a spot where they’ll have access at all hours of the day and night. It’s very easy to accidentally put the litter box in an area that gets closed off by a swinging door, screen door, baby gate or dog gate, or some other kind of obstacle. Don’t let your cat’s path to her box get blocked! If that happens, she’ll be forced to eliminate on your carpets and floors.

Away From Other Cats

Do you have multiple cats in your home? As a general rule, you’ll want to keep one litter box per cat in the household. That way, every cat has their own bathroom, and you’ll avoid any territorial behavior. If your home has multiple floors, it might even be prudent to place different litter boxes on different floors. While cats can learn to share litter boxes, you’ll be avoiding any potential trouble by giving each of your pets their own bathroom space, at least at first.

If you have more questions about your cat’s bathroom habits, or if you think a medical issue might be causing your cat to eliminate outside of her litter box, call your Folsom, CA vet.

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