Traveling With A Pet Bird

Are you planning on traveling this summer? Dogs love adventures, but what about birds? You can travel with Polly, but you’ll need to take precautions to keep her safe and happy. Here, a Folsom, CA vet lists discusses traveling with birds.


Some birds are bold and curious, and enjoy going on adventures. Others are easily stressed out, and are upset by any changes in routine. Consider what is best for Polly before deciding to take her with you. A trip to the vet’s is also in order. In fact, you may need a health certificate to legally travel with your bird.


Your pet’s normal cage may be too big to travel with, so you’ll need a smaller travel cage. Get Polly used to her travel cage before your trip. Make it fun for her by adding a soft towel and some toys. However, don’t put any hanging or swinging objects up during the trip itself. These could hurt your bird if they move too much.


Make sure that Polly is welcome to stay with you at your destination. Your accommodations should be non-smoking, as cigarette smoke is dangerous to birds.

Packing For Polly

Pack a bag for your winged buddy. Polly will need food, toys, perches, dishes, treats, and water. You’ll also need to bring cleaning supplies.


Unfamiliar water can cause stomach upsets. Bring water from home, or buy bottled water. If you choose the latter, start giving that to Polly before you leave, to get her accustomed to it. Water bottles are a good option for travel, as they won’t spill. As with the bottled water, you’ll want to get Polly used to this before you go.

The Trip

If you are traveling by car, put Polly in the back, and buckle the cage in. Don’t put your bird in the passenger seat. If the airbag were to deploy, it could seriously injure her. Never let your feathered pal loose in your car, and don’t leave her unattended.


Keep Polly on her usual routine as much as possible. Once you reach your destination, set up her cage in a quiet location, and give her some fun toys. Pay a lot of attention to your bird, especially as she is adjusting.

Please contact us, your Folsom, CA vet clinic, with any questions about bird care. We are here to help!

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