Top 5 Things That Confuse Your Dog

Dogs are very smart! (Well, most of them are, anyway.) Our canine pals can learn over 100 words and phrases, and can follow some very specific commands. However, Man’s Best Friend is still a bit fuzzy on a few things. Read on as an Orangevale, CA vet lists some things that Fido just doesn’t understand.

Glass Doors

Fido has certainly had his share of run-ins with glass doors. Some pups are so wary of them that they will wait for their humans to help them cross!

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are a must for anyone with a pooch. Vacuuming frequently will remove, dust, dander, and pet fur from your home, keeping it looking and smelling fresh. Fido, however, thinks of vacuums as scary robots that are invading his domain. Oh no!


To be fair, cats are rather quirky little furballs. You can’t blame dogs for finding them confusing. Fluffy cleans herself, uses a litterbox, hates car rides, and doesn’t really like belly rubs. None of this makes sense to Fido!


Dogs are very cute and lovable, but they are by no means perfect. Fido may very well misbehave at some point. He might chew up your shoes, eat your couch cushions, or steal your pizza. However, it’s important to remember that dogs don’t think the way we do. The idea of punishment is foreign to them. It’s much better to reward your furry friend for behaving properly than to reprimand him for acting up.


Hugs, to us, are signs of affection, love, friendship, and support. To Fido? Not so much. Hugs really don’t translate well into doggy language. They’re actually a sign of dominance. Your pet probably won’t mind if you hug him, but it’s not a good idea to hug strange dogs.

Bonus Round: Puppy Confusion

Puppies are absolutely adorable, and it’s almost impossible not to be charmed by their antics as they are sorting out what they can eat, play with, or sleep on. Although little Fido will eventually outgrow some of his fixations, he may initially be fascinated—and perplexed—by some of the things you have around the house. Steps, doorstoppers, ice cubes, and even televisions all make the list of things that confuse our canine companions.

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