Signs That Your Cat is Happy

September is Happy, Healthy Cat Month. Of course, for us, every month is Happy, Healthy Cat Month. When it comes to our feline pals, happiness and health are actually very closely tied together. After all, healthy cats are happy cats! Here, an Orangevale, CA vet offers some clues that your furball is purrfectly content with her lot in life.


We really can’t discuss kitty happiness without delving into Fluffy’s most charming attribute: the fact that she actually vibrates with happiness. Cats do also purr when they are sick or scared, of course, but it’s usually not hard to tell when they’re running their motors out of contentment.


Happy cats are often very affectionate! Many furballs meow to be picked up, and will jump into their humans’ laps at every possible opportunity. Fluffy may also sleep beside you, or just hang out near you. These adorable signs of kitty love are your furry pal’s way of thanking you for the good care you give her.


Kitties are very curious. Actually, Fluffy is downright nosy. If your cute pet loves to investigate things like paper bags and cardboard boxes, she’s probably pretty happy.


Does your cat sometimes beg for food, even when you know she just had dinner? Does she cry at doors only to walk away when you open them, or complain when you move her mid-nap? Fluffy has some pretty adorable ways of asking for what she wants. If your kitty feels comfortable and safe enough to make frivolous demands, there’s a good chance that she’s quite content.

Thumbs-Up from the Vet

We know, Fluffy probably won’t care too much about the results of her examinations and/or tests. Regardless, a clean bill of health is a good indication that your furball is doing well. Kitties are very emotional, so stress and unhappiness often take a huge toll on them physically.


This one isn’t an across-the-board suggestion, as there are some scaredy-cats out there. Kitties are all different, and some are simply bolder than others are. However, if Fluffy is confident enough to sprawl out in the middle of the floor or drape herself across the back of your sofa, it’s a good indication that your feline companion is not unhappy.

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