Cleaning Your Bird’s Cage

Birds are very adorable and entertaining little pets. Polly will certainly liven up your household with her cute antics and charming vocalizations. Of course, your feathered pal will spend a lot of time in her cage. Keeping the birdcage clean is very important! If your bird’s cage is dirty, it will harbor dangerous bacteria, which could make your little buddy very sick! Read on for some tips from a Folsom, CA local vet on cleaning birdcages.


Some things need to be done every day. Polly’s food and water bowls must be cleaned and refilled daily. You’ll also want to change the cage liner. One way to make this easier is to put several sheets of newspaper or butcher paper in the bottom of the cage. Then, you’ll just need to remove the top one, as you’ll have a clean one just beneath it. Also, spot clean bars, perches, and toys with a paper towel or a damp rag.


About once a week, do a more extensive cleaning. In addition to the daily tasks mentioned above, you’ll want to remove and scrub the cage tray and gate. Make sure they are completely dry before you replace them. You’ll also want to clean Polly’s perches. This is a great time to change your feathered friend’s perches out! The same also goes for your pet’s toys. Clean and disinfect the toys that are in Polly’s cage, and replace them with different ones.


Once a month, you’ll need to do a deep cleaning. For this, you’ll need a good scrub brush with stiff bristles. Empty the entire cage, and then spray it down. Scrub between the bars and in all the little nooks and crannies. Rinse it thoroughly with hot water.


If you make cleaning Polly’s cage part of your routine, you’ll have a much easier time keeping on top of things. Keep in mind that birds are very sensitive to chemicals and odors. Use a cleaning agent that is safe for Polly. Ask your vet to recommend a specific product. Also, keep in mind that birds can get chilled very easily when they get wet. Always make sure Polly’s cage and belongings are completely dry before putting your winged buddy and her belongings back in.

As your Folsom, CA vet clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping your pet bird happy and healthy. Please contact us anytime!

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