Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Did you know there’s a special kitty holiday coming up? January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Our feline friends are notoriously inquisitive, so it’s really no surprise that there’s a holiday dedicated to their curiosity. Read on as a local Folsom, CA vet lists some things Fluffy wants to know right meow.

Why Can’t I Go Out?

Cats are very adventurous little furballs, and many of them really enjoy fun outdoor kitty activities, like chasing butterflies and bringing their humans ‘presents.’ However, Fluffy is much safer indoors, where she’s safe from things like cars, weather, predators, and chemicals.

Why Can’t I Sleep There?

Our sleepy feline companions are always on the lookout for new napping spots. Fluffy will try anything at least once. You may find yourself plucking your sleepy pet off your laptop, or even taking her out of a cupboard.

Why Is My Bowl Empty?

Our furry pals are small, but that doesn’t stop them from wrapping their humans around their paws. Many cats have their owners trained to feed them on demand!

What’s Wrong With The Dog?

Dogs and cats have had a long and fairly rocky relationship. While our feline buddies do sometimes bond closely with their canine roommates, Fido can be confusing to Fluffy. Man’s Best Friend actually does what he’s told, enjoys car rides, and doesn’t use a litterbox. This is all quite ‘purrplexing’ to kitties!

Why Can’t I Play With That?

Kitties are very playful, which is one of their most adorable traits. Of course, Fluffy doesn’t know what is and is not safe for her to play with. At some point, you’ll find yourself taking something that isn’t a toy away from your frisky pet.

Why Did You Pet Me?

Cats can be quite picky about when and how they want to attention. If you try to pet Fluffy when she isn’t in the mood, you may get a prickly little meow of protest. Your kitty may also just walk away, or even bite you.

Why Did You Stop Petting Me?

On the other end of the spectrum, we have furballs that want to be petted 24/7. Cuddly cats may meow at you when you stop petting them, or paw you to politely request more attention.

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