Choosing Toys For Fido

Our canine companions are very playful, and they are extra cute when they are feeling frisky. Playing is actually extremely beneficial for dogs. It offers them both physical activity and beneficial mental stimulation. Keeping Fido’s toybox full is very important! Here, an Orangevale, CA vet discusses choosing dog toys.

Choose The Right Size

Make sure to choose toys that are the right size for your four-legged buddy. Fido could hurt himself playing with things that are too big or too small for him!

Offer A Variety

Dogs all have their own preferences. Tennis balls may be one pup’s favorite plaything, while another pooch may prefer rope toys. Offer your furry pal a variety, and see what he seems to enjoy the most.

Consider Fido’s Personality

Your dog’s personality is also something to keep in mind. Does Fido get possessive over his food and toys? If so, a rope toy may not be the best option, as some dogs get a bit too involved in Tug O War. If your canine friend spends a lot of time home alone, he may appreciate having some fun puzzle toys or Kong toys. Puppies, on the other hand, generally need lots of chew toys.

Try Something Modern

Fido should definitely have some classic dog toys, like rope toys and balls. However, your pooch may also enjoy playing with something more modern. Why not get him a mechanical ball launcher, or an automated laser pointer?

Choose Age-Appropriate Toys

Your canine pal’s toy preferences will change as he ages. Puppies are super playful, and need lots of fun toys. Senior dogs, on the other hand, may only need a few playthings, and may prefer brightly-colored toys, or ones that light up or make noise.


Keep your furry friend’s safety in mind. We recommend sticking with things made in North America, as not all countries have strict regulations when it comes to pet products. As you may know, there’s a bit of controversy with rawhide chews. The issue here is that strong or determined chewers can break them into small pieces, which can be dangerous if ingested. Plushy toys can also be dangerous, as some dogs try to eat the stuffing or squeakers. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Please feel free to contact us, your Orangevale, CA vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs. We are happy to help!

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